Guided Tours Castilla La Mancha

Guided Tours ALBACETE

Within the Region of Los Llanos, in the Community of Castilla-La Mancha, is Albacete. It is one of the most important capitals of said Community and headquarters of the Superior Court of Justice. Modern capital, it is an important tourist destination in the interior and its historic center has true architectural and patrimonial treasures. Enjoy its artistic monuments, such as the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, its Fairgrounds, the Circo Theater, or the Torre del Agua.

Guided Tours CIUDAD REAL

Located in the Campo de Calatrava region, Ciudad Real It is one of the capitals of the Community of Castilla la Mancha , fifth most populated municipality in the Region. It stands out for the beauty of its places, such as Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park or the national of the Daimiel tables. his landscape is typically Manchego, Quixotic and Christian. Walk the city and province always accompanied by a Official guide.


Guided Tours CUENCA

Cuenca constitutes one of the Monumental Complexes most important of Spain , is city World Heritage. It is said that the concana, very ferocious people that fed on the horse blood that they mixed with milk . Its most important monuments, such as the Cathedral , the Hanging houses and their cobbled streets they are worth visiting. Get to know this capital from the hand of a Official guide.


Located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, on a knoll on the left bank of the valley of the Henares river , it rises Guadalajara , beautiful city of the Community of Castilla la Mancha . His profound transformation from time immemorial to his settlement as a modern city has undergone numerous changes for the better at the historical, artistic, cultural and social. Visiting it today is a pleasure for the senses and a joy for the spirit.

Guided Tours TOLEDO

The history of this ancient imperial city, magical, artistic and legendary It is for the visitor, traveler or tourist who comes to it an unforgettable recreation for the senses and an indelible pleasure for the spirit. Visit the Synagogues and their underground, its imposing Primate Cathedral and its precious historical Center They are the most emblematic places in the city of La Mancha. He Greco and its Museum is another of the mandatory stops on our routes.


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