Guided Tours Cataluña

Guided Tours BARCELONA

Barcelona is unique, beautiful, admired within the country and throughout the world. Squares, fountains, churches, monuments, art, sea, coast, people and hundreds and hundreds of attractions, parties, events, folklore, music, history and antiquesThey mark this beautiful Spanish city and the most important commercial, industrial and maritime center of the Cataluña Autonomous Community. A Official licensed guide will accompany you on all tours.

Guided Tours GERONA

Gerona, crossed by rivers Ter, Güell, Galligants and Oñar, ands called the City of a Thousand Attacks, for having been attacked thirteen times from 1295 to 1809 and later it is also known as the city Three Times Immortal, for having resisted three attacks by Napoleon’s troops. Visit, admire and enjoy Gerona, always old and always new hand in hand from an official guide. You can make the visits in small or larger groups


Guided Tours LLEIDA

Lleida is the second capital of Cataloniain importance and in number of inhabitants, after Barcelona. Very well communicated and since 2010 with its own Airport, located 15 km from the city. The visit to Lleida and all the offers it offers to tourists will not disappoint you, hence we propose the following routes to take so that you can enjoy without equal. We are waiting for you in this beautiful city so you can meet it with a Official licensed guide.


Guided Tours TARAGONA

Tarragona,city of the Region of Tarragonés, is located at the Mediterranean shore, in the Golden Coast , its beaches and its recreation centers and historical tradition and artistic heritage, make it a center of tourist attraction of the first order. Visiting this beautiful city is to be enraptured by its art and its people, without forgetting the impressive Archaeological Complex of Tarraco. Do not forget to visit this Catalan city with us.

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