Guided Tours Islas Canarias


Is the westernmost island of the Archipelago, the smallest and least populated. In 2000 it was declared Biosphere Reserve . Island beautiful, very famous, visited and enjoyed by thousands of tourists, travelers and people who love the unknown, the sea, the beach and its incredibly friendly and hospitable people. In The iron We offer you several routes with some of their most striking singularities, always accompanied by an official guide.


Fuerteventura It is the second largest island in the Archipelago, after Tenerife. Is the geologically oldest, hence its characteristics more eroded . Visiting this Island is to feel some sensations of pleasure, charm and expectation incontestable. Here you will find a place for rest , he enjoyment of its impressive natural landscapes and satisfaction from a relaxing bath and pleasant.



Gran Canaria It is the most populated island in the Province of Las Palmas and the most populated city in the Archipelago. It was founded in 1478, being the population centers adjacent to the capital, which form its metropolitan area. This Island is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain, with close to four million tourists a year, so we invite you to be one of them. Don’t miss this imposing, beautiful and unique island of Spain.



Lanzarote is the island more oriental and possibly the oldest in the Archipelago. Recently it has been detected some significant volcanic activity. Its capital is Reef , which has an important population, with about 60,000 inhabitants. The whole island and it was declared Biosphere Reserve in 1993 . Lanzarote offers tourists and lover of beauty and magic, a very important offer at all levels in addition to sun, sea, beach, fine sands and cared for and its wonderful people.


La Gomera is one of the seven main islands of the Canary Islands and is the second smallest from the same. It belongs to the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is also known as Colombina Island for being the last territory he touched Christopher Columbus before reaching America. We invite you to go through it, enjoy and admire yourself of its simple and charming people, its unique artistic and historical heritage and its Indescribable marine waters and beaches.


How beautiful is the Canary Islands! We are facing Wonderful islands, which invite you to spend an unforgettable time with your friendsGuas, from the sea and sunbathing, quietly and peacefully, in their mysterious sands of all colors. The La Palma Island takes the poster of There are no tickets. This is a beautiful route for tourists and lovers of the good and the unforgettable to travel. Walk it with a Official guide throughout its journey.



Is the Largest island in the Canary Islands and the most populated in the Archipelago and in Spain. Together with La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro it makes up the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The city of Santa Cruz of Tenerife It is the capital of the Island, as well as its most populated municipality. This Island is World Heritage , next to Teide National Park . Approaching Tenerife is to get excited, enjoy beforehand, relax and share with its friendly and elegant inhabitants.


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